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Teach Me to Walk in the Light   177

Teacher, Do You Love Me?   178

Tell Me, Dear Lord   176

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus   57

Thank Thee Father   24

Thank Thee for Everything   10

Thanks to Our Father   20

Thanks to Thee   6

The Books in the Book of Mormon   119

The Books in the New Testament   116

The Books in the Old Testament   114

The Chapel Doors   156

The Church of Jesus Christ   77

The Commandments   112

The Dearest Names   208

The Eight Article of Faith   127

The Eleventh Article of Faith   130

The Family   194

The First Article of Faith   122

The Fifth Article of Faith   125

The Forth Article of Faith   124

The Golden Plates   86

The Handcart Song   220

The Hearts of the Children   92

The Holy Ghost   105

The Lord Gave Me a Temple   153

The Nativity Song   52

The Ninth Article of Faith   128

The Oxcart   219

The Priesthood Is Restored   89

The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden   237

The Sacrament   72

The Sacred Grove   87

The Second Article of Faith   122

The Seventh Article of Faith   126

The Sixth Article of Faith   126

The Shepherdís Carol   40

The Still Small Voice   106

The Tenth Article of Faith   128

The Things I Do   170

The Third Article of Faith   123

The Thirteenth Article of Faith   132

The Twelfth Article of Faith   131

The Wise Man and the Foolish Man   281

The Word of Wisdom   154

The World Is So Big   235

The World Is So Lovely   233

There Was Starlight on the Hillside   40

This Is Godís House   30

This Is My Beloved Son   76

To Be a Pioneer   218

To Get Quiet   275

ToThink about Jesus   71

Truth from Elijah   90

Two Happy Feet   270

Two Little Eyes   268