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I Am a Child of God   2

I Am Glad for Many Things   151

I Am Like a Star   163

I Believe in Being Honest   149

I Feel My Saviorís Love   74

I Have a Family Tree   199

I Have Two Ears   269

I Have Two Little Hands   272

I Hope They Call Me on a Mission   169

I  Know My Father Lives   5

I Like My Birthdays   104

I Lived in Heaven    4

I Love to See the Temple   95

I Love to Pray   25

I Need My Heavenly Father   18

I Often Go Walking   202

I Pledge Myself to Love the Right   161

I Pray in Faith   14

I Thank Thee Dear Father   7

I Think the World Is Glorious   230

I Think When I Read That Sweet Story   56

I Want to Be a Missionary Now   168

I Want To Be Reverent   28

I Want to Give the Lord My Tenth   150

I Want to Live the Gospel   148

I Wiggle   271

I Will Be Valiant   162

I Will Follow Godís Plan   164

I Will Try to Be Reverent   28

Iíll Walk With You   140

Iím Glad to Pay a Tithing   150

IĎm Thankful to Be Me   11

Iím Trying to Be like Jesus   78

If With All Your Hearts   15

If Youíre Happy   266

In the Leafy Treetops   240

Itís Autumntime   246